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Employment Lawyer in New Zealand

Updated on Tuesday 21st September 2021

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Employment Lawyer in New Zealand.jpgAre you looking for a job in New Zealand and need to know more about the Labour Law? Have you entered into a dispute with your employer over your salary or benefits and are looking to solve the matter amicably? Working with an employment lawyer in NZ from our team can be a suitable route to quickly solve your issues.
Hiring employees in New Zealand is regulated through the Employment Relations Act, the Wages Protection Act, the Minimum Wage Act, and a number of other laws concerning waged protection, the right to holiday and parental leave.
Please read below if you wish to know how an employment attorney can help you and when you should reach out to us.

What services does an employment lawyer provide?

All employment relationships in New Zealand are governed by the employment law comprising many different acts and regulations. The government authority responsible for the implementation of these laws is the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
Whether you are just starting employment in New Zealand as a citizen or a foreign nationals or you have been working in a certain filed for many years, discussing matters about the employment agreement, hours and wages or dismissal with an employment lawyer in NZ can be very helpful.
Here are the main areas of interest covered by our employment lawyers:
  • Unfair dismissal: unjustified dismissal is not permitted and you can seek legal help when your employer has failed to provide a reasonable cause for the termination of the employment agreement,;
  • Wages and leave: if your employer does not observe the law for minimum wage or for parental leave or paid leave, you can talk to us;
  • Harassment: workplace harassment should be reported to the employer, however, if your workplace has become unsafe, you can discuss more with our lawyer who will help you raise a personal grievance or approach the matter in a different manner;
  • Representation: we assist our clients with court representation in all matters related to employment and we also represent those who have been subject to disciplinary meetings.
The services listed above are offered by our employment lawyer in Hamilton, NZ as well as in other areas by our experts.
According to data from the statistical office, on the 8th of August 2021, there were 2,285,300 total paid jobs in New Zealand. Other data summarized below by our lawyers reveals the following:
  • out of the total number of jobs, 98,440 were in primary industries and 1,695,800 in the services industries;
  • at an industry level, the construction sector had the highest increase in new jobs in the June 2021 quarter: there were 3,693 jobs available, up by 2.2 percent compared to the March 2021 quarter;
  • the largest increase in the number of jobs according to region was in Auckland, up 1% in the June 2021 quarter compared to the March 2021 quarter.

Do I need an employment lawyer in NZ?

Working with a lawyer is not mandatory, however, it is helpful if you wish to solve your problem as quickly as possible and in a favourable manner. From matters concerning wages, to workplace discrimination and wrongful termination, a lawyer is able to provide personalized solutions and will help you reach a resolution with your employer.
If you believe that your employer is being unfair, it is advisable to seek legal counsel before taking up any legal action. The lawyer can help you understand both your rights and your duties and will help you find a solution that will be suitable for your particular case. In most cases, negotiation and amicable resolution is enough to solve employment matters, however, if the matter does go to court, when working with a lawyer you will also rest assured that you have adequate court representation.

Can I hire an employment lawyer in Hamilton, NZ?

Our team offers services throughout New Zealand and part of our team is based in Hamilton. If you live or work near this area, or if you have a business based in the North Island, discussing your employment-related matters with our specialists can be helpful for finding solutions that work bet for your team or your business.
We are a team of lawyers specializing in Labour Law and other business matters and we understand that the relationship between the employer and the employee is not always a straightforward one. We have worked with local and foreign employees in New Zealand and we are ready to answer any questions you might have.
Contact us if you need to work with an employment lawyer in Hamilton, NZ or in another area in the North Island. We provide complete services to employers and employees alike.