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Updated on Wednesday 27th October 2021

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Lawyers in Auckland.jpgWorking with our Auckland lawyer is recommended in many cases, both for individuals we well as for businesses, and the legal services available span beyond civil litigation. Handling matters such as divorce, estate and wills, and business law issues should be performed with the help of an experienced lawyer.
We are a law firm based in Auckland that approaches each case with attention to detail. We focus on finding effective solutions, in a cost-effective manner when applicable.

Services for individuals offered by our Auckland lawyer

Working with a lawyer is essential for many personal matters. The services offered by our experts include the following:
  • Divorce: we help our clients apply for the dissolution of marriage and handle the issues that stem from this decision, namely child custody, the division of property, and others;
  • Property: we help clients buy and sell residential property in Auckland; we have a team specializing in conveyancing who can answer all of your questions;
  • Wills: we help our clients draw up a will as well as sort cases involving disputes wills; we also offer separate services for estate administration;
  • Immigration: we are one of the law firms in Auckland that can answer issues concerning immigration and the regime applicable to foreign nationals who wish to relocate to the country to work, to start a business or to reunite with family;
  • Employment: we represent employees who are confronted with particular issues, among which unfair dismissal, disciplinary processes, or improper employment contracts.
These are just part of our services, briefly presented. If you are interested in any of these, as well as court representation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our barrister in Auckland.
We know that no two cases are the same. This is why we are a team that specializes in many areas of law, and we have extensive experience in areas such as Family Law or Property. We focus on funding solutions that pragmatic and will help you solve your issues as fast as possible. If you are in need of legal representation, our experienced court lawyers can help represent you.
We are a professional team and, as you may see with other legal specialists, it is common for the attorneys working in the law firms in Auckland to be members of the Auckland District Law Society (ADLS), an independent organization for the legal profession.

Corporate services provided by our lawyers

According to the official statistical agency (provisional data), there were 546,740 enterprises in February 2019. Other data reveals the following:
  • the registered companies had approximately 2.3 million paid employees, an increase compared to February 2018;
  • Auckland recorded a significant growth in the number of employees, up by 3.5%, compared to the national average of 2.7%;
  • Construction was the industry with the largest increase in employment, and it accounted for 7.7% of the total employment.
If you already have a company, or plan on opening one, working with an Auckland lawyer from our team can help you navigate various business issues that may arise. We offer the following services:
  1. Business formation: we help you choose the right business structure and register it accordingly;
  2. Debt collection: we are one of the law firms in Auckland that successfully handles debt collection cases; you can reach out to us if you have outstanding payments and we will approach your case in a professional and amicable manner; if needed, we also provide court collection services;
  3. Employment: companies looking to hire employees, those looking to employ foreign workers or those looking to sort various employee disputes can reach out to our team of lawyers;
  4. Contact law: we help business owners handle disputes related to contract law, partnership or shareholder agreements, contractor or business agreements.
  5. Commercial property: with our help, you can purchase commercial property as well as handle issues related to preparing the lease documentation and terms and in many other cases;
We also offer services related to intellectual property protection as well as business finance and lending. We help you understand the laws and the regulations that are in place in your industry, and we serve both small and large companies. A barrister in Auckland from our team can help answer your questions about these services.
We offer legal services to a wide range of clients in the Greater Auckland region. We have experience in all of the relevant legal fields and are ready to answer your questions. Contact our Auckland lawyer for more information about the services we provide for companies and individuals.